Luck of the Pats? ‘Brady’ born on 12th

Baby Brady was named after Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and was born on Jan. 12. Twelve is Tom Brady's jersey number.
WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — There’s quite a bit linking star New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady — number 12 on the team — and a newborn baby at Kent Hospital. The newborn’s first name is Brady, and he was born on January 12.Mary Beth Hawley said she and her husband Robert did indeed name her boy after the quarterback. “It was just a great name, a great player. We enjoy watching him so much,” she said Wednesday. “Hopefully he will too.”

The Warwick couple was surprised and delighted when the birthday matched up with Tom Brady’s jersey number.

“As it approached, we kind of joked around that it was going to fall on the twelfth,” said Robert Hawley. “And actually, one of my friends pointed out to me as well — that he was born on the same day as Brady’s number.”

Kindred spirits? Or the luck of the Pats?

Brady Hawley was born right after Tom Brady and the Patriots topped the Indianapolis Colts in their divisional playoff game. Now the Hawleys are hoping their little star can bring some extra magic to the Patriots this postseason.

“I’d love for Brady to be their good luck charm!” said Mary Beth.

“It would be unbelievable… to have him and a Super Bowl,” added Robert. “It’d be a good start to the year.”

The Hawleys are taking baby Brady home Wednesday, and plan to watch the playoff game together on Sunday.

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