Home Improvements to Boost the Value of your Home and More!

Oliver is joined by our Real Estate Pro, Chad Kritzas of Keller Williams in Newport, RI to discuss how home improvements can boost the value of your home or investment property.

Click on the video above to hear more about:

  • Can you afford to retire early? Here’s what to consider.
  • Our new Real Estate Money Pro, Chad Kritzas, with Keller Williams Realty in Newport RI.
  • Credit scoring firm FICO has made some changes to scoring methodology?
  • Moneypros mailbag question on credit scoring.
  • Early retirement is one of the most often sited retirement goals.
  • With the stock market up, many peoples retirement savings is ahead of recent expectations?
  • But there’s some evidence that as the economy has recovered, early retirement has become somewhat less common.

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