The Money Pros: Investing – Sticking With It

Oliver and special guest, Grant Brown – with the RI chapter of the Financial Planning Association, discuss how to stick with your investment plan and make the most of it!

Also discussed in this episode:

  • Annuities, what are they and do you need one?
  • Money Pros Mailbag

Sticking with it, When it Comes to Investing

  • Panic selling is a bigger threat to your portfolio than picking a bad investment
  • Figuring out when to get out also means figuring out when to get in
  • S&P 500 lost 50% from peak in 2007 to low in 2009
  • Regained previous high in March of 2012
  • Has averaged 6.31% since 2007 high
Consistent 401k Participation | 2007 to 2012
• Average balance fell 37.4%; in 2008
• Increased at compount rate of 6.8%
• Average account balance 67%

– ICI and EBRI report 2014

Watch the video above to learn more.

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