The Money Pros – How to Avoid Making Common Refinance Mistakes!

Oliver is joing by mortgage pro, Steve Tetzner, of Homestar Mortgage. Steve share his expertise on how to avoid making common refinancing mistakes.

In this episode:

  • How important is a written plan when planning your investments?
    1. Components of a Written Plan:
    2. Investment goals and time frames
    3. Plans for contributions
    4. Performance expectations
    5. Change Criteria
  • Some recent announcements that could affect you retirement income are in news.
    1. 2014 Wells Fargo Retirement Study:
    2. 1000 participants, ages 25-75 years old
    3. 28% of all age groups have a written plan
    4. Those between 30-39 years old slightly higher at 34%
    5. People with a written plan reported saving 2.5x more per month than those without a written plan
  • Ask The Money Pros:We got a question via Facebook from someone wanting to reduce their taxable income?

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