Preparing for Tax Season.

Oliver and Tax Pro, Greg Porcaro, CPA and Partner with Otrando Porcaro and Associates discuss how to get ready for the upcoming 2014 tax season.


Does money buy happiness and if so, what brings the most joy?

In general people with higher incomes are generally happier than those that struggle· Wealth is not a guarantee, what matters more seems to be how it’s spent:
Income and Happiness
Less then $10K 35% Very Happy
$50-75k 55% Very Happy
$250-500k 83% Very Happy
$500k or more 100% Very Happy
Some ideas on how to give the gift of a college education.
Why are the holidays so expensive? It’s not just the gifts.

How you spend money during the Holidays matters. Generally people derive more joy from giving to others than making purchases for themselves.

holiday spending graphic

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