Money Pros: Busting Real Estate Myths with Chad Kritzas


On this episode We’ll be joined by our real estate pro Chad Kritzas with Keller Williams Realty who’ll share some of his favorite real estate myths and the truth behind them.
Also in this episode:

  • Another case of financial advisors taking advantage of their clients is in the news, we’ll tell you how to check up on your advisor.
  • This is the time of year when people think about giving to charities and it turns out the U.S. is among the most generous. Will tell you how to make sure you’re giving to the right ones.
  • Tip of the Week: The Obama administration has released a draft of its plans to rank colleges and universities. We’ll have the details.
  • Another case of rich and famous being taken advantage of by their financial advisor is in the news.

    • Ex-Yankees Jorge Posada and Jose Contreras accuse advisors of steering them into bad investments in Real Estate and Hedge funds
    • Most financial advisors are ethical but those that aren’t give us all a bad name.
    • How can you help be sure your advisor is a good one?
    • Be either a Investment Advisor Representative or Registered Representative.
    • Ideally a CFP, ChFC, or PFS
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