Celebrate Mom: Mother’s Day gift ideas

It’s time to celebrate mom. And with just a few shopping days left before Mother’s Day, time is almost up for finding your special way to show mom you care.

WPRI.com digital journalist and mom blogger Courtney Caligiuri, joined The Rhode Show with some great ideas.

Ideas mentioned in this segment:

  • A day off. “This is an easy one for dads. Let mom sleep in and give her a little me time. Maybe even make breakfast.”
  • Time with family and friends. “Most moms just want to spend quality time with the ones they love, but sometimes life gets in the way with everyone’s busy schedules. For Mother’s Day, arrange a get together where friends and family can just hang out and catch up. Nothing fancy!”
  • Do something with mom that she loves to do. “Maybe mom likes the beach or museums. Find a place that she hasn’t had a chance to go to lately and enjoy it as a family. I personally love to watch movies, perhaps there’s a flick everyone can enjoy.”
  • Spa day for mom. “Moms accomplish about a million and one things a day, from cooking to cleaning, to picking up toys. A day of pampering would definitely be welcomed by any mom who needs some rejuvenation. Daily deal sites are a great place to find local services that are cost friendly.
  • A DIY keepsake box. “When there’s a new baby in the house, moms find it hard to throw out any of baby’s firsts, like teethers or toys. Create a keepsake box to hold anything that commemorates Baby’s First Year. How to make: Take any larger-size box compete with lid, cover it with wrapping paper in either pink for girls or blue for boys. Mom will love it!
  • Jewelry. “The Hope Anchor Charm Necklace by local company Luna and Stella was inspired by the Rhode Island flag. You can add moms birthstone to make it extra special. Find it in local stores.”

More ideas from ModMommy.com »

Here are some of the other segments featured on The Rhode Show on May 6, 2015:

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