5/5: Following Dr. Khaled Almilaji’s story to an underground hospital in Syria on State of Mind

This episode of Dan Yorke State of Mind is a follow-up to the story of Dr. Khaled Almilaji. He originally appeared on the program along with Dr. Adam Levine to discuss his work with the Brown University Humanitarian Innovation Initiative.

Dr. Almilaji’s visa was revoked during at six-day trip to Turkey after President Trump’s election in January. He has still be unable to return to the state and is now separated from his pregnant physician wife, Dr. Jehan Mouhsen.

Dr. Almilaji and Dr. Jehan Mouhsen are working together from across the globe to bring medical care to their home country of Syria. They have teamed up with Canadian International Medical Relief Organization to build and fortify two underground floors of a hospital 40 miles away from the most recent chemical attack in Syria. Hospitals are often secondary targets after initial attacks. The underground fortifications will project the hospital from the most common types of attacks. Drs. Almilaji and Mouhsen along with their colleagues hope that they can use the hospital as a training facility and a safe haven for doctors who are otherwise unwilling to work in the dangerous region.

75 percent of the facility is complete, but is in need of an additional $600,000 for medical equipment. The starting operational costs need to be raised for the first year; it is possible that the World Health Organization will take up funding once the hospital is up and running.

Dr. Mouhsen, Dr. Adam Levine, and Melissa Godfrey, RN BSN, joined the program to share their stories and to ask for participation in the online fundraiser on May 20, 2017 to benefit the fortified underground hospital in Syria.

To support the Avicenna Women and Children’s Hospital, join the Facebook group.

Viewers can donate directly through Refugee Protection International.

Dan Yorke State of Mind airs every weeknight at 7:30 p.m. on myRITV and midnight on FOX Providence.

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