1/17: Candidate for Gov. Feroce calls out Rep. Moira Walsh, advocates for finance training sessions on State of Mind

Businessman and Republican candidate for governor Giovanni Feroce joined Dan Yorke Wednesday afternoon to discuss his unique use of social media as part of his political campaign.

While Feroce said he will be unveiling his platform in March, he did give us a preview. Feroce suggested a 30- day training session for House/ Senate on financial issues. In doing so, he referenced Rep. Moira Walsh and characterized her as inexperienced in making financial decisions. He expressed it’s “crazy” that a “waitress” is making decisions about a $9.5B budget without training. Watch the full interview above. A transcript of this portion of the interview is provided below.

GF: You want controversy, I’ll give you controversy right out of this show. We think it’s good that a waitress  is voting on a 9 and a half billion dollar budget. That is crazy. That is crazy to me.

DY: You’re referring to Representative Moira Walsh?

GF: Ya, and I have nothing against her. I have nothing. I don’t like her policies… but the fact that that can happen is just insane. It’s insane. It’s insane that we have a 9 and a half billion dollar budget and people who don’t have an education in finance, etc. can do that.

DY: So, you think it’s constitutional to provide a litmus test for running for office?

GF: No, here’s my answer to that. Here’s my answer to that. She could be a wonderful person, I don’t know her. She, go ahead and get elected, but now let’s take monies from the budget and let’s have a 30 day where a Wharton or a Harvard or other schools come in and give a training to that. So, it wasn’t me knocking anybody….

Dan Yorke State of Mind airs every weeknight at 7:30 p.m. on myRI-TV and midnight on FOX Providence.


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