DYSOM 11-20

11/20: Refugee debate on State of Mind

Chas Freeman, U.S. Diplomat, Middle East expert, and Brown University Fellow joined Rep. Aaron Regunberg, D-District 4, on State of Mind Fri…


11/19: Chas Freeman on State of Mind

Chas Freeman, Diplomat, Middle East expert, and Brown University Fellow joined State of Mind to dig into issues concerning the Paris attacks…


11/18: Timothy Edgar on State of Mind

Timothy Edgar, Former Director of Privacy and Civil Liberties during the Obama Administration (2009-2010), joined Dan to discuss cyber secur…

dan yorke 11-13

11/13: Truck Tolls on State of Mind

Professor Neil Mehrotra and Rep. Blake Filippi joined Dan on Friday, Nov. 13 to discuss Gov. Gina Raimondo’s proposed truck tolls.


11/12: Jim Ryczek on State of Mind

Jim Ryczek, Executive Director of the RI Coalition for the Homeless, joins Dan to discuss the recent challenges and successes of the organiz…


11/11: Erik Wallin on State of Mind

Erik Wallin, Executive Director of Operation Stand Down RI and Fmr. Captain, USAF, joined Dan to discuss homelessness among veterans in RI a…

comic con ri

11/5: RI Comic-Con on State of Mind

Megan Breto of RI Comic- Con visits State of Mind to explain what it is and delves into the deeper meaning behind the hype: Thursday, Nov. 5…